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"How can I explain this? There’s really no explanation for the way I feel. It’s beyond me. Maybe it happened on my last tour of duty, where I’d been wounded in the leg, spent months in the VA hospital with nothing but therapy, and reading love letters to past the time, or to keep me sane. 

The letters weren’t from my wife, but an admirer. I hadn’t heard from my wife in months. I think her last note informed me that she’d moved on, taking our dog with her, and filed for a divorce. I guess she couldn’t handle a damaged man without a job, with little or no income, and coming home.   
Now it’s time for me to accept that I’m a broken man. I’ve lost my identity because I was a soldier, a leader of men, and all I have now are these few love letters from a strange woman to give me comfort.

Can this woman be as broken as I am? What will it take to make me whole—two broken pieces coming together?"
Follow Tony and Parker from the Wounded Inked Series into the Surrender Series.

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I knew when I received this assignment that I wasn’t serious about it. A wounded vet? Get real. There’s no way in hell I could find anything to say to him other than thank you for your service.

Everyone in class thought that assignment of adopting a veteran was a cool idea, so I said, “Whatever,” and threw myself into writing the best letter I could. I included everything I thought a soldier would want to hear who was away from home.

I could have just written a simple letter, but being an over achiever, yeah right, that’s why my parents demanded, “Either you go to college, or you’re getting out of here.” That was the main reason I found myself enrolled in college not expecting to ever think about anything but partying, and whatever a gay man did who had no complications in my personal life.

Now I’m expected to write letters. WTF. Talking about complicated. Text maybe, but writing letters, get real. That’s above my pay grade.    

 However, I needed to graduate so I put my heart and soul into those letters, and the results were unexpected. Now that vet expects to meet a beautiful, thoughtful, and sensual woman. I hate to shatter his heart because I’m anything but that.  

How do I tell him I’m not a woman? I’m a man and I’m gay.” 

Book 2 contains straight to gay, hurt comfort, fake boyfriend, and HFN. 


Follow Tony and Parker from the Wounded Inked Series into the Surrender Series

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When Sergeant Anthony (Tony) Paesano thought his life had come to an end, and he felt as if he’d hit bottom never to reclaim himself, or his life again after being wounded, and returning home to nothing, Tony is given a second chance with love by none other than Parker Reeves—an arrogant, self-serving gay man who lives to party, where drinking and self-indulgent was his life’s mission, until his mission became Tony.

Will Tony realize before it’s too late that Parker is the man for him, or will he hold on to old ideas, or embrace the new ones where it doesn’t matter in the scheme of life anymore who you fall in love with, because love is love, and he needs to follow his heart? Or have regrets for the rest of his short life?

Will Parker think that Tony is a lost cause, and move on with his life and never look back? 

This is the final book in the Wounded Inked Series. It contains, fake boyfriend, straight to gay, and HEA.  

Follow Parker and Tony in the Surrender Series. 

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