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Once Jami's sister Madeline said that he would be a Princess one day just like her. She dressed him up in her clothes, gave him a crown and they sat and played pretend when she wanted a sister to play with. She never got her wish of Jami being her sister, and he never got his wish of being a Princess. Well almost. 

The ride out to the Hampton’s appeared to pass quickly and it wasn’t as long the first time. Jami sat with his head back resting, relieved to leave Manhattan, and all the trouble and tense moments, from his arrest, to the arrest of Brandon, and now with his sister Madeline showing up out of nowhere just when his life appeared to be going in the right direction.

Jami had been overwhelmed by all the recent occurrences and needed a change of scenery. Now finally they had a chance to be with each other without anyone around to cloud their fucked up minds. Yet Max couldn’t get Paige out of his mind and he couldn’t figure out how to break the news to Jami that he would soon become a father. Jami might freak out and think he was lying about Paige and Paige couldn’t be relied on to tell Jami the truth.

She wasn’t fond of Jami but she tried to show a good face when he was around but that only went so far.  

Jami turned eyeing the contour of Max’s handsome profile. His confident expression missing. Jami leaned slightly over noticing that something had changed in Max’s face. Worry lines had replaced the smooth expression. His jaw tight with a slight quiver. Nothing about Max seemed the same except that he looked sexier and hot when he was pensive. And still as handsome and gorgeous as before.

Jami’s eyes appraised his handsome man dressed casually in his black V neck sweater, and black sweats. Even more handsome than he had ever seen. However, Jami looked past all that to see lines around his eyes as if Max wasn’t getting enough sleep, and his brow appeared to be in a constant state of furrowed rows on his forehead.

Something had to be worrying him.

Max’s attention appeared to be focused on something or someone else as he stared out in front of him. He usually takes his eyes off the road if just to smile at him, but today none of that.  

Studying Max, Jami noticed that he clinched the wheel with both hands instead of driving relaxed sitting back. What was going on with Max? When Max noticed Jami staring at him he turned slightly to show Jami a warm relaxed smile, but Jami saw through that immediately.

Gently grabbing Max’s knee, Max turned facing Jami and said, “What?” His forehead furrowed.

“Somethings bothering you?” How did Jami know that although he was trying to show a calm face that chaos was reigning throughout his brain and his headspace was fill with worry.  

“You said we could talk on our drive out here, but all you’ve done is raise the sound of the music to drown me out when I attempt to even make a few sentences of conversation. And you silence me when I try to get a word out of my mouth.”

“My love,” Max said, tightening his hand over Jami’s, “we will have time to say and do everything that we need to over the week. I postponed your presentation and informed the board that you needed more time. They were willing to accept that because they were opposed to it in the first place, but I managed to exert my power and they capitulated.” Max offered Jami a closed smile.

Jami rebelled. “Is that what you did? If they don’t want me, then why am I doing this?”

“Because you should and I want you to. I run that company and have been doing so since before college. I spent my entire life at that company. I had no life and if I say you will make a presentation to my board you will make it. I don’t give a fuck what they want.” Jami glanced at Max. He hadn’t seen him like this before. Controlling. He hadn’t seen that part of him because he hadn’t known him long enough to see that side of him.

 “You have a great product, and if they don’t buy your business, then I will and I will get rid of all of them.”

Jami raised an eyebrow. “I said nothing about selling my business. That’s not what we agreed on.”

“I thought after we were married…” Jami stopped Max in mid-sentence.

“You’re not divorced yet. How can you ask me to marry you, and you don’t know if Paige will give you a divorce?”